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Configura has created a global platform through CET Designer, an all-in-one software solution for space planning and product configuration, made for professional designers. Our partners make an investment adding their product data to our platform. One of the ways they do this is through our data driven solution: Catalogues.

We wanted to create a new solution that enables partners to further leverage their investment into Catalogues. That’s why we created Stage, our Web Configurator solution. It allows our partners to reuse their Catalogue data in new and innovative ways on a variety of platforms.


Our web configurator solution is made up of two main building blocks: The Catalogue Web Application Programming Interface (API) and the Software Development Kit (SDK).

With our well-defined API you can easily fetch your Catalogue data to use in applications or websites outside of CET Designer. Our API is secured over Transport Layer Security for end-to-end encryption. Data is retrieved with SessionTokens which are generated for each client. This gives you power to fully control who can access the data for maximum security.

Accessing the API

Accessing the API begins with an AccessToken. These are issued at MyConfigura by administrators. AccessTokens can be Public or Private.

Public AccessTokens are used with our Catalogue API to issue SessionTokens which are used to make the actual content calls to the API.

Private AccessTokens contains a Secret and should never ever be exposed to end users. For clients you will use the Catalogue Auth API to issue SessionTokens which are used to access the actual Catalogue API.

For Private AccessTokens this means you must “proxy” the SessionToken issuing on a server run by you. This makes it possible for you to for example only issue SessionTokens to logged in users. For Public AccessTokens this is not needed.