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Getting started


To use Stage you need to have signed up for the service on MyConfigura. To access your catalogue products you need an AccessToken but also the portfolios you want to access must be made available on MyConfigura.

If you have questions on how to get started please use our contact form.

Choose a path

When starting we imagine you choose one of these paths:

  • Clone the repo and use our Example App as inspiration or reference when building your own.

  • Integrate into an existing project

Example code

We have created an example-app and an example-server to show how everything fits together. You can check it out before you get started with your own app if you want, or use it as reference material later.

Existing project

If you already have an existing project and is familiar with how NPM packages work, you can just add our packages with yarn or npm.

Our packages require Node.js version 10.X or later but we recommend 12.X

npm install @configura/web-api @configura/web-ui @configura/babylon-view-react


Our solution requires WebAssembly (WASM). Read more here.

Pointer Events

Babylon.js uses Pointer Events for mouse and touch interaction, which not all devices and browsers support. Specifically, Apple iOS 12 and earlier does not support it. You can use a Pointer Events polyfill to improve compatibility. Babylon recommends using PEP from jquery for this.


Our output code is targeting es2015 both for module and target. This means you may need to handle transpiling explicitly depending on your development setup.