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Vocabulary - Configura

Catalogue Creator

The tool used to create Catalogues. It is an extension for CET Designer. Product page.


When we talk about Catalogues as a singular noun we talk about the database driven system which powers all of this.

When we talk about Catalogues as a plural noun we talk about a collection of Catalogues (like in this sentence).

CET Designer

CET Designer is the software solution for space planning and configuration of products in which Catalogues used to be exclusively used. In the context of the Web Configurator it can be helpful to know it exists.

Further Reading


This is us! The company behind this and more.

Further reading


MyConfigura is a an administration web site for everything Configura.

AccessTokens are issued in MyConfigura. You can also browse your Stage Enabled content.



Stage is the name of Configura's Web Configurator solution.

Web Configurator

By this we mean either...

Our effort to help you to access and show content from Catalogues in apps and on the web. Welcome!


A complete implementation allowing a user to show Products in 3D and configure them. This implementation could be using all our helpful tidbits from the SDK, or it could be scratch built down to the level of only using the API-calls (though we doubt we will see many of those).