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An example implementation on how to retrieve and issue SessionTokens.


If you are using Public AccessToken you will not need the example-server.

This server is an example on how a bare minimum implementation for using a Private AccessToken to issue SessionTokens works.

If you chose to use Public AccessTokens, having a server like this won’t be need. Implementing your own server for issuing SessionTokens can be useful if you want to add your own security. For example, ensuring only logged in users are given SessionTokens.

A real-world implementation of this could be part of some other service you run. It does not have to be standalone. The requirement is that the server can make a call to our service and forward the response data.

We reference the package web-api-auth since this example server is created using Node.js. However, the API can easily be done do without having a package reference. If your server is built in PHP, C#, or some other language you have to write your own call but it should be straightforward to do so. You can reference our API Auth documentation for more information.